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Let’s get to the bottom of these health issues and get all systems working together. We never treat symptoms. Never.


We create our reality from the energy inside us.  Are you feeling stuck, depressed, anxious, having relationship challenges or confused about changes that are happening to you. Your body is always speaking to you. When we feel these types of emotions , we can be disconnected from our spirit.
An Intuitive Counsellor uses intuition and facilitates techniques such as inner child healing and chakra clearing to help you get in touch with where these stored emotions first started.  The triggers that affect you are the keys to unlocking where the root cause is located. It is important to go back and clear the old pattern/ belief that is keeping you stuck or sabotaging you.. Read More


Using acupressure points in the hand, a sensor plate allows for the visualization of a person’s aura allowing your practitioner to determine if your seven main chakras are open at an optimal level. A complete interpretation of the reading is available to you so that you can understand which levels in your body and your mind are most in need of helpful suggestions to improve your entire well-being. The nature of the reading and how in-depth you go is entirely up to you.. Read More


Orthopedic Assessment is a critical tool in understanding a client’s problem, and then finding the most effective treatment for that condition. An Orthopedic Assessment applies established orthopedic assessment methods to massage therapy evaluation… Read More